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Wooden and Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Here at Bakeberg’s Blinds we have a beautiful contemporary range of Venetian Blinds - all are custom made, also known as Horizontal Blinds they are a great alternative to curtains; however, certain rooms are particularly suited and enhanced by the neat Venetian Blind look, so it is important to consider where to put your blinds.

Venetian Blinds are easy to install and affordable. This popular blind type offers a modish tidy look, with a near perfect control plus 360 degree tilt and almost complete clear opening. With the added choice of maximum privacy or maximum view. All with surprising ease and efficiency.  All of our Venetian Blinds are easy to operate, with two simple controls. One control is used to control the height of the blind, while the other controls the angle of the slat.

Our superb ranges of Venetian Blinds are available in two different materials Wood and Aluminum in four different sizes.

  • Wooden Blinds

This style of blind helps to create a look of pure class and sophistication at your window and will subtly blend into most decors. Standard is 50 mm also available in 35 and 25 mm in selected colours.

  • Aluminium Blinds

This material gives the soft appearance of Wood Blinds with added benefits of being cost effective and durable. Standard being 25 mm also available in 50 mm, 35 mm and 16 mm in selected colours.

Both varieties offer flexible light control and a sleek finish, with a great range of coloured finishes for a modern matching touch. Given the difference in material, Wood Blinds are particularly effective in decors that are more neutral and traditional, where the natural kind and grain of Wooden Blinds effortlessly enhance the look.  People often shy away from Wooden Blinds, as they believe that they will be far too expensive for their needs. However, here at Bakeberg’s we pride ourselves on offering an outstanding quality product at an affordable price.

Horizontal Blinds, are more functional yet simplistic and they complement any interior design style, as they can look both formal and casual. Aluminum Venetian Blinds have enjoyed years of popularity because of their functionality, exceptional value and longevity.  If you’re looking for simple, fashionable and affordable window covering, Aluminum Venetian Blinds are an excellent choice.

When buying blinds you don’t have to compromise on quality, service or value. Our Venetian Blind set includes everything you need for quick installation.  You can rely on our experience, expertise and commitment.


Custom Made Venetian Blinds
Corner Fix Venetian Blinds Angel A
Venetian Blinds & Dummy Drapes
Venetian Blind With Dummy Drapes
Complementary Kitchen Blinds
Corner Fix Venetian Blinds


These samples are for illustration to assist in some styles, textures and colours available. Monitor colours will vary from the originals. These samples only represent a square area of a sample blind and might not show the full pattern.

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